This is a copy of the original birth document for Michel Nageotte born on December 23, 1797 in Voujeaucourt, Doubs, France.  The english translation is below.

Birth Certificate for Michel Nageotte, born Sep 20, 1783

Sixth year of the French Republic, one and indivisible, 2 nivose, before the undersigned municipal agent of the commune of Voujaucourt appeared Nicola Netjate and two witnesses residing in the said commune, who declared to me that Marie Joseph Bole, wife of Nicola Netjate, was delivered at 6 a.m. (yesterday?) of an infant son, who was presented to me, to whom he gave the name of Michel.  The father and the witnesses signed with me.

    nicolas nageotte           George Pretey

    Rohy agent           michel goudey

MANIFEST of all the Passengers taken on board the ship Charles Carroll on 25 April 1833 from Havre, France to New York.

A painting of the Ship Charles Carroll is shown below.  This is the ship taken by Michel (35), Marianne (Prenat, 26), Louis (5), Joseph (30) and Marianne (Bidaux, 20) Nageotte to America from France.

The following explanation of the origin of the Nageotte name was found at  It has been translated from French.

“Especially carried to Burgundy (21), the name is written also Nageot (51). With another suffix: Naigeon (21). Dubious direction. Perhaps the nickname of a boatman (former French "swims" = navigation).”

Nageotte Family Picture circa 1940?

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